Welcome to G&O Maritime Group

One group, four leading brands

G&O Maritime Group is the global leader in the maritime and offshore industry. 

As of April 2014, G&O Maritime Group expanded its business with 3 companies: Atlas Incinerators, Pres-Vac Engineering and Heco International – world-leading maritime suppliers. By joining forces, G&O Maritime Group is able to offer significantly more products and competitive solutions through shared resources and expertise. 

Since 1945, Gertsen & Olufsen A/S has been one of the leading international partners for shipping operators, owners and builders worldwide. Gertsen & Olufsen develops, produces and distributes a wide range of unique products for the maritime and offshore market. As of today, Gertsen & Olufsen is part of G&O Maritime Group. 

What we do

Our goal is to build a strong group that targets the maritime segment with a wide innovative product portfolio of in-house technologies of the best and highest quality. Through our innovation and efficiency we strive to maintain the position as the most successful partner in the maritime industry.

Our corporate mission is, therefore, to provide our customers with value, safety and reliability to the global maritime industry through green and innovative quality solutions. 

It is important to us to be environmentally aware, which is why we have a strong environmental focus in order to help to contribute to a ‘Marine Life Without Footprints’. 

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