People frequently ask us “Why incinerate?”. Stated below are some good reasons and explanations for why we recommend incineration: 

  • It is widely accepted that incineration is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of garbage and sludge oil. DNV recognizes this with their “Clean Ship” notation, which requires an incinerator to be installed. 
  • Worldwide, there is a lack of Port Reception Facilities for sludge oil and waste. 
  • Discharging sludge oil and garbage to shore is often very expensive. In some developing countries, a small amount of money is sometimes paid for the sludge oil, but there is an environmental impact, when using sludge oil as fuel.
  • Chief engineers and crew are no longer tempted to illegally dispose of solid waste over the side, or sludge oil via a “magic pipe”, risking the Captain’s or their own imprisonment as well as huge fines for the Owner. 
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