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G&O Bioreactor Split Unit

Another split unit from Gertsen & Olufsen A/S

A complete biological sewage treatment plant is delivered in sections of no more than 1000×1000 mm (each) to pass a narrow engine room hatch on deck and assembled deep inside in the engine room of an FSO 20 km from shore in Brazil waters, during vessel operation. This was the task handed over to G&O in the middle of a global pandemic in September 2020. What at first seemed like head buster is now solved. However, it was not the first time for the same client, it is the 3rd time. The unit has successfully passed third-party inspections and Factory acceptance test.

Looks can be deceiving

At first glance, the unit may seem incomplete regarding cable standards and less appealing. However, the unit is only assembled for testing purposes only to be completely disassembled at shipped in bits and pieces. Below, you can see photos of the unit fully assembled and ready for testing, and when it is packed and ready for shipping.

Combining the design experience within Gertsen & Olufsen A/S as well as utilizing the workforce synergies within ATLAS ICINCERATORS and local danish and international equipment, suppliers ensured that a unique product was delivered this week from GERTSEN & OLUFSEN and ATLAS INCINERATORS.

Now task at hand for the client and crew is to assemble the unit onboard the prepared base frames, and G&O will arrive in due time to verify installation and conduct commissioning.

A G&O trademark

Customization is not new to G&O. In fact, we do it continuously on a small and big scale.

Split sectional units have been delivered from G&O throughout the years, but it is not everyday work. It is resource-demanding; the engineering hours are many and require strong and focused project management.

With the ever-growing focus on effluent quality from authorities and ship-owners, to live up to the existing rules, local as international – a flexible approach for tailoring sewage treatment plant is called for when retrofitting an older installation or upgrading for more people on board.

Gertsen & Olufsen A/S has over several years built a strong global brand doing exactly that in tight cooperation with owners and vessel managers. This time was no different.

Facts about the plant:

Type Bioreactor BR27750
Hydraulic Load 27,75 m3/d
Organic Load 11,25 kg BOD5/d
Max. PE/POB 120-150 Persons
Material AISI 316L
Sections 9


About the Bioreactor:

G&O Bioreactor is capable of handling grey and black wastewater and can be utilized in remote locations and seagoing vessels and the offshore sector. The plant is an “Aerated Submerged Fixed Film Unit” that operates using the “Matrix Technology”. The G&O Bioreactor system provides an excellent growth environment for the bacteria media. By using the Matrix, the plant obtains a 125 times larger internal surface where the bacteria media can adhere compared to any traditional Active Sludge Plant/tank.

The Bioreactor is approved following IMO MEPC 227(64) as well as type-approved and certified by DNV-GL.





Pavilion of Denmark 2021

We are happy to announce that we are participating, virtually, in ‘Pavilion of Denmark’ 2nd of February at SMM DIGITAL 2021.

See you there!

Denmark Day in China

G&O Maritime Group participated in Denmark Day at Hudong Shipyard, organized by the Danish Export Association.

Along with 32 other Danish companies, our colleagues had the opportunity to discuss the future of shipbuilding and solutions to green and high-quality shipping with our valued customers at Hudong Shipyard.

Moreover, the event was a hybrid event, where we got to try out a mixture of online presentations via Zoom from Denmark, with a physical presence from our local Chinese colleagues.
Finally, new times call for new ways of meeting your customers. We are, therefore, thrilled to be able to try out this new way
of meeting our customers. 

G&O Maritime Group provides value, safety, and reliability to the global maritime industry through green, innovative quality solutions.

COVID-19 initiatives and safety equipment

Dear all,

Following the Danish Government’s restrictions, we aim to ensure that our employees and suppliers stay safe and that we can continue to serve customers.

As a precautionary measure, face masks must be worn when entering our offices, production area, and on receipt of the goods. Drivers also need to wear face masks or face shields in terms of deliveries and pick-ups.

Face masks will be available in the office if some of you have forgotten to bring one.

Please remember to keep your distance.

Stay safe. Thank you for your cooperation.


On behalf of
G&O Maritime Group

Welcome to our new website

We are very happy to welcome and present you our brand-new website for G&O Maritime Group.

Our new website provides access to updated information and news concerning our product range.

We have created easy access to read about our products and services, and we hope that these changes will live up to your expectations.

Our new website comes with an updated design increased with accessibility.

We hope that you will enjoy our new website!


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