The G&O Bioreactor is utilizing the submerged fixed-film bacteria principle. It is a 100% biological treatment system, which is able to handle all Grey and Blackwater from any vessel or offshore facility with no need for filters, Dilution or chemicals during normal treatment.

Test results and operational experience, with more than 900 plants delivered since 2002, have proven that the G&O Bioreactor offers both high efficiency, fully operational flexibility of the vessel and low and easy maintenance requirements. 

Technical specifications for standard plant sizes

Additional key features:

  • 15 standard systems – ranging from 1.85 m3/day up to 74.0 m3/day in a single system. 
  • Custom-designed systems e.g. where space limitations disqualify the use of standard systems. 
  • Tailor-made split units – e.g. for retrofit projects. 
  • Designed for easy maintenance. 
  • Built-in Clean and Inlet tank. 
  • Produced in EU and China. 
  • Fitted with quality components from European suppliers. 
  • Gravity or vacuum systems. 
  • Vacuum equipment, grease separation and sludge handling systems available. 
  • Docking inspections and service agreement available. 

Meeting and exceeding IMO rules

The G&O Bioreactor is tested and type-approved and Wheelmarked by DNV under IMO MEPC 159(55) +227(64) and all test results were meeting and exceeding the IMO Rules. Additionally, the G&O Bioreactor is approved by US Coast Guard and Transport Canada. 

Bioreactor facts:

  • Certified and type approved by DNV-GL under IMO MEPC 227(64). 
  • Approved by US Coastguard and Transport Canada. 
  • Compact design and low weight. 
  • Available in coated black, stainless and coated stainless steel. 
  • EEx and ATEX systems are available. 
  • Successfully in the market since 2002 with more than 900 systems delivered and with ongoing improvements and features. 

Black & Greywater is led into the inlet tank of the Bioreactor via a macerating pump or a vacuum pump and through the main chamber matrix by the air from the membrane aerators. The wastewater passes through the settling matrix and UV light for final disinfection before going into the clean water tank for discharge. 

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