• Advanced Waste Water Treatment

Membrane Bioreactor

G&O Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant in Full Compliance with IMO MEPC 227(64) Regulations

Advanced design

Gertsen & Olufsen A/S is a maritime solutions provider meeting the toughest requirements. We combine the use of cost-effective solutions with cutting edge technology, without compromising of the environmental concerns. Gertsen & Olufsen is using an activated sludge process combined with an anoxic nitrogen removal and simultaneous phosphorus precipitation.

Sludge, solids as well as E-Coli separation before ultrafiltration/membrane unit combined with a biological oxidation unit. The membrane sewage treatment design and technology are based on the thorough and operational experiences gained with more than 900 conventional units delivered and in operation worldwide since 2002. This has proven that G&O sewage treatment plants offer high efficiency, fully operational flexibility of the vessel and low maintenance requirements. 

Additional key features: 

  • Flexible control and operational features to switch in and out of specific areas. 
  • Custom-designed systems – e.g. where space limitations disqualify the use of standard systems.
  • Tailor-made split units – e.g. for retrofit projects.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements 
  • Danish design, made in EU, fitted with high-end quality components from reliable long term European suppliers
  • Designed for gravity and vacuum systems.
  • Low power consumptions.
  • Easy operation/minimum manual operation.
  • Easy access for inspections. 

Ultra compact solutions

Technical facts

  • 15/30 standard design covering a range of 1,2 m3/d – 990 m3/d.
  • Ultra-compact design and low weight.
  • Organic removal of Nitrogen and Phosphor.
  • Available in painted black and stainless steel.
  • EEx and ATEX systems are available for e.g. Offshore use. 
  • Ultrafiltration/membrane, outlet < 0,04 – 0,3 μm (0.0003 millimeters).
  • Unique 30-degree operational approval. 
  • Odour-free.
  • Full SCADA interface available. 
  • IMO 227(64) including special areas (Baltic Sea) / section 4.2. 
  • Class approval available from all the major classification societies. 
  • Docking inspections and Service agreement available. 
  • Vacuum equipment, grease separation and sludge handling systems available inlet buffer tank included. 

IMO MEPC 227(64) – Meeting and exceeding IMO rules. 

The G&O Bioreactor is tested and type approved by an accredited institution in accordance with IMO MEPC 227(64). All test results meet and exceed the IMO Rules.

Technical specifications for standard plants

NX-C models; Full compliance with IMO MEPC 227(64) excl. 4.2 concerning passenger vessels in special areas. (i.e. Baltic Sea)

NX-N models; Full compliance with IMO MEPC 227(64) incl. 4.2 concerning  passenger vessels in special areas (i.e. Baltic Sea)

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