The most environmentally friendly marine incinerator

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The most environmentally friendly marine incinerator is making an impact in the marketplace. Another milestone for the new incinerator, X10 TITAN, is reached.

The market has indeed welcomed this incinerator and our order book is counting more than 50 plants since the introduction about 18 months ago.

Especially the large international Chinese shipyards have received the X10 TITAN well and already ordered X10 TITAN for containerships, LNG carriers, and tankers.

The X10 TITAN is designed for most merchant vessel types, and it has become especially popular in container feeders. Five of the biggest container shipping companies in Asia and Europe have decided in favour of the X10 TITAN and have ordered more than 35 ship sets altogether.

Another segment where the new incinerator plant is suitable is in the very large LNG carriers of about 174,000 m3. The first six of X10 TITANS for this segment were ordered in March this year and recently another 4 sets were ordered for one of the biggest shipping companies in China.

The most significant feature of the new technology is that the sludge oil isn’t heated before burning. The sludge oil mixing tank is therefore designed without heating system.

Another unique feature is that the same burner is used for injecting pilot oil and burning sludge oil.

These unique features create an efficient burning process and in combination with the well-known 3-chamber system, the X10 TITAN is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient marine incinerator on the market today.

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