Vibration problems after retrofitting one of these?

Retrofitting a scrubber can seriously change the dynamics of your ship. As a retrofit project is a technical compromise that possibly creates damaging resonances between the Main Engine and superstructures.

Traditionally, the symptoms of the resonances are treated by stiffening the hull. This is not an issue you can ”steel” your way out of. The G&O approach is to remove the root cause of the problem by inducing an exact counter force at an exact moment of time.

Installing the compensator is a relatively simple project that does not interfere with the operation of the vessel. Once installed, no further adjustments or operational attendance are required.

Let your Naval Architect, like Naval DME, guide you in the engineering process. Utilizing state of the art technology; like 3D-scanning and modelling of your scrubber and vessel. Subsequent, a thorough vibration analysis allows you to make the most informed decision cutting cost and precious time.


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