Gertsen & Olufsen Vibration Compensators

Guide force and unbalanced moments, axial thrust, hull beam and propeller induced vibrations are well-known issues related to low speed two stroke diesel engines. Vibrations often lead to limited engine performance, cracking, reduced mechanical strengths, abnormal wear on rotating machinery or failure of electronic components.

The servo driven moment compensator reduces, or even eliminates, the source of vibration due to the unique technology that creates an exact opposite direction with a counterforce identical to the force induced by the engine. The imbalance is neutralized and no stress or vibrations will be transferred into engine foundations and neighboring structures. 

Key features include

  • Size of force can be adjusted from 0-100 % to get exact counterforce required. Adjustment range 1 kg.
  • Direction of force can be adjusted from 0 to 360° to get the precise direction of force +/-1°. 
  • Unique frequency controller enables a fast and precise phase synchronization. 3000 pulses per engine rpm. 
  • Recommended by leading classification societies, ship-owners, engine and shipbuilders worldwide. 
  • A design that leads excess and break energy back to it. 

Eliminating unwanted vibrations and improving engine performance and comfort

Compensator facts

  • Improved engine performance and comfort. 
  • Low energy consumption and a better fuel economy. In dependent operations – use when needed. 
  • Easy adjustment of force and direction. 
  • Easy installation, without operations interference. Reduced maintenance costs. 

Whether a resonance is present, reduction of external moments and guide force moments means better and smoother running engines. The vibration compensator can be used as a preventive maintenance tool reducing wear on most engine related equipment as well. 

Installing the vibration compensator is a relatively simple project that does not interfere with the operation of the vessel. Once installed, no further adjustments, or operational attendance, are acquired. 


Simple and easy installation, where the compensator is needed

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