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Refurbishment of G&O compensators

Gertsen & Olufsen compensators are designed to outlast even the highest expectations. However, there comes a time when wear parts will need replacement to ensure continued high-level vibration protection. 

As a customer of Gertsen & Olufsen, the best way to protect your equipment is to follow the guidelines in your maintenance manual and to ensure that only G&O trained staff does maintenance on your plant and that only original G&O wear and spare parts are used. By adhering to these simple guidelines, your Gertsen & Olufsen installation will continue to operate for many years to come.

All of our recent Gertsen & Olufsen compensators are fitted with a  service timer, which will give off a signal when service is due. This is based on our experience we have gained over the years.

In addition to an onsite service overhaul, we can also offer a compensator exchange program which in addition to high-quality maintenance also ensures less off-hire and less downtime.

Compensator exchange program
Gertsen & Olufsen has developed a premium compensator program. This service basically entails a replacement of the current compensator with another G&O factory refurbished unit renewed in our controlled environment by qualified and experienced staff and with our original parts, giving you the best possible product. Naturally, this program comes with a full premium guarantee from Gertsen & Olufsen. This operation is far less time-consuming and, in most cases, less complex than doing the actual onsite service.

The vast years of experience and the many references of Gertsen & Olufsen provides a unique opportunity to maintain a rotating stock of new and refurbished compensators for this purpose. All exchange compensators come with a Gertsen & Olufsen 24-month premium quality guarantee. 

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