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The preferred and most reliable supplier of high quality piston rod stuffing boxes and spare parts to engine builders and designers world wide.

Operating worldwide is nothing new for HECO. Since the beginning of HECO, we have been delivering piston rod stuffing boxes for new engines and spare parts for engines across the globe. 

We demonstrated our commitment to our global engagement with an introduction of the company name HECO International A/S in 1988.

We have ever since the beginning strengthened its position as an important partner in the new-building market for two-stroke diesel engines. 

In HECO International A/S, we combine the best of two worlds to keep delivering products of the highest quality at competitive prices: all scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings, for piston rod stuffing boxes, are produced in Denmark on advanced computer and robot-operated systems, while housing and flanges are produced at our modern Chinese factory in Suzhou, close to the world’s largest engine builders. 

Sales of HECO spare parts to engine designers*. Sales of complete HECO stuffing boxes to engine builders/licensees in Europe in connection with new buildings. 

Sales of complete HECO stuffing boxes to engine/licensees in China in connection with new buildings. 

*Worldwide sales of HECO spare parts to end-users and engine manufacturers are handled by the engine designers.

The history of HECO

Henning Cornelius – the founder of the company – worked with diesel engines his whole life. In 1934 he finished his apprenticeship as a fitter at B&W in Copenhagen. Later, he graduated as a marine engineer and spent eight years sailing the seven seas.

1959 was a memorable year for both Henning Cornelius and HECO. Henning Cornelius founded the company, and later that year, presented a new invention: the effective machine for renovating of the scraper rings for the piston rod stuffing boxes of the time. Back then, they featured scraper rings with a fixed scraping edge.

Over the next three years, Henning Cornelius broke new ground. He invented a new type of oil scraper ring with replaceable scraping lamellas. It became the solution of the future for piston rod stuffing boxes for two-stroke diesel engines. When the scraping lamella is worn down, it can simply be replaced with a new one, while the expensive base ring can be reused.

HECO piston rod stuffing boxes with scraper and sealing rings have been developed and improved several times in close cooperation with the leading designer of two-stroke diesel engines. But the basic principle is unchanged compared to the one Henning Cornelius patented in 1962.

HECO in Denmark

HECO constantly expands and modernises its manufacturing facilities, enabling us to have the necessary capacity to cover market demand.

The factory in Hedensted focuses on scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings. We rely on highly-trained employees and advanced technologies to ensure high quality and adequate volume.

Manufacturing takes place on CNC-controlled machines, which are fully operated by automated robots. Accuracy and precision are an integrated part of all processes.

Alongside our high-tech manufacturing systems, we maintain production of spare parts (scraper and sealing rings and housings) for all 2-stroke diesel engine types developed and produced over the last 50 years.

Constant quality control
Our quality control system in the Danish factory was ISO 9001-certified in 1994. We are maintaining and improving our quality control system constantly. This includes constant controlling of rings and lamellas throughout the entire manufacturing process, including packing and shipping. This system contributes to guaranteeing a uniform, high quality.

Delivery assurance
HECO means a high delivery assurance. A wide range of spare parts is on the stock as semi-finished or finished goods. This makes it possible for us to deliver rings for all engine types in operation. Our philosophy is to follow the engine type during its entire lifetime. Therefore we are producing spare parts for all two-stroke diesel engines as long as the engines still are running

HECO in China

HECO established its own company in China in 2003 – HECO Mechanical Seals Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. – in order to streamline our total production of piston rod stuffing boxes. It also allowed us to operate close to the world’s absolute centre for two-stroke diesel engines. The great majority of new two-stroke engines that are produced today are built in Asia.

An excellent start
The factory in Suzhou works exclusively with cast iron houses and forged steel flanges for piston rod stuffing boxes. A combination of professionally competent employees and computer-controlled machines ensure at a high degree of precision and quality in manufacturing. The factory is ISO 9001-certified, with continuous quality control throughout the entire process. All raw materials are purchased locally.

The company is undergoing rapid growth. Since the start, the manufacturing facilities have been expanded with larger production areas, more machines, and additional staff to meet demand.

Close cooperation
Furthermore, the HECO factory in Suzhou assembles and delivers complete piston rod stuffing boxes to leading engine builders in Asia. Assembly takes place with the original scraper and sealing rings delivered from HECO in Denmark.

Stuffing boxes, houses and flanges for the entire world
All HECO stuffing boxes house and flanges are today produced in China and distributed to engine builders in Europe through HECO in Denmark.

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