• Scraper rings

Three ring types with great precision

Modern piston rod stuffing boxes consist of three ring types, each of which has a crucial function. These are as follows:

  • The top scraper rings scrape impurities off the piston rod.
  • Sealing rings create a pressure-tight seal between the scavenging air space and the crankcase.
  • Lamella scraper rings scrape system oil off the piston rod and minimize oil waste.

HECO was the first company in the world to introduce lamella scraper rings with replaceable lamellas. A design, which requires the utmost precision in manufacturing in order to obtain the desired geometry.

For more than 40 years, we have been developing our manufacturing technologies. We know what it takes to achieve effective engine operation. Therefore, we always produce scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings with great precision according to the designer’s drawings and specifications.

Our valuable experience with manufacturing of all ring types for stuffing boxes is one of the reasons why HECO piston rod stuffing boxes can keep system oil waste to a significantly low level. In doing so, we fulfil the growing demands of the market for well-functioning and economic piston rod stuffing boxes.

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