Welcome to Pres-Vac engineering

For more than 60 years Pres-Vac has led the development of high velocity pressure/vacuum valves and venting equipment to the tanker shipping industry.

Today, we are the world’s leading supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves, and around 50% of all tanker vessels worldwide use Pres-Vac equipment.

Our products offer an unmatched safety record: More than 100,000 valves have been installed without causing any safety incident on a vessel. 

We work with shipyards, naval architects and other partners on all continents, and we have a network of highly professional agents and distributors in all major ship owning and shipbuilding countries. 

The Pres-Vac PV-ECO series comprises state-of-the-art high velocity pressure/vacuum valves offering the highest possible safety standards, which are in compliance with all rules and regulations and unsurpassed operational performance.

The PV-ECO valve provides protection against fire hazards and tank overpressure or vacuum. It furthermore secures that gas emissions are kept at a minimum.

The Pres-Vac Promise 

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