• Safety & Compliance

Safety & Compliance 

International marine business regulations
The marine sector is regulated by IMO, local government rules and regulations stipulated by leading classification societies. The PV-ECO valve is subjected to severe tests in order to meet these market demands for high quality and safety. 

PV-ECO complies with all design and test requirements of:

  • IMO MSC/Circ. 677 as amended by
    • IMO MSC/Circ.1009 
    • IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1324
  • EN ISO 16852: 2000, 2016
  • ISO 15364, 2000, 2016
  • EN 12874:2001
  • ISO 28300/API 2000

Class authorities and quality assurance

The offered equipment is approved by our notified body, all major classification societies, European inland regulations and Russian river specification.

Pres-Vac Engineering ApS is quality controlled by FORCE and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Details are available upon request.

In addition, the equipment complies with ATEX for onshore based plants and offshore applications like FPSO including compliance with NORSOK. Approval certificates are included in the scope of supply and test and material certificates are available against cost; However, they must be specified in the project specification.

The P/V valves suitability for a given application is to be decided by the buyer on basis of the Product Review Document containing a description of the valve in accordance with the requirement of ISO 15364:2000, 2016 v.

Regulatory updates

The equipment is guaranteed to comply with all mandatory and known future rules and regulations applicable to the vessel in question.

IMO MEPC.2/Circ. 19 (December 17th, 2013) Latest provisional categorization of liquid substances amending chapter 17 of the IBC Code. 

SOLAS Reg. II-1/3-12 Noise Code (July 1st, 2014) Mandatory measurement during sea trial and noise level limits.

MED 9th amendment: New flame testing (December 4th, 2014)

Implementing new flame test requirements by the adoption of EN ISO 16852. Requiring additional testing at low flow rates, closing the safety hazard gap in the current flame testing. 

Patents and product reliability

The offered equipment is patented and guaranteed free of third party claims against yard and/or owner. The offered non-hammering and non-oscillating P/V valves are covered by US patent. The offered equipment is fully covered by product liability worldwide in respect of manufacturing and engineering.

A network of service repair centres

Pres-Vac has arranged a Service and Repair Centre network. These centres have the technical skills and marine experience to repair Pres-Vac equipment.

Our Service Repair Centres are conveniently located around the world in order to provide you with rapid access to spare parts and qualified service repair engineers.

The number of Service Repair Centres is steadily growing and new locations will appear in the near future. 

Service and Repair Centre skills

Our service engineers have been trained and certified to overhaul Pres-Vac products according to our specifications. Pres-Vac distributes personal ID-cards to these engineers.

Quick supply of spare parts and kits

All Service Repair Centres have spare part kits for Pres-Vac products in stock ensuring the supply of most parts within 48 hours.

To supplement the ordering of parts, Pres-Vac has developed a series of Maintenance Kits that enable the crew to carry inexpensive parts on board to cover the most common repairs.

For further information regarding service, spare parts and maintenance, please contact us via:

Email: aftersales@pres-vac.com
Phone: +45 48174055


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