• Technical support

Technical support

For the highest performance of your Pres-Vac valves, we recommend regular maintenance. See below for our range of technical services. 

Secure Valve type approval

Always remember to secure your Pres-Vac valves by using original Pres-Vac spare parts to avoid validation of type approval and flow. Pres-Vac provides genuine spare part kits with instruction for easy overhaul.

For inquiries, please contact:

Service, on-site or in-house

Our qualified service staff ensure that timely and accurate resolutions are provided with professional on-site service and genuine spare parts.

For technical support, please contact:

The Pres-Vac aftersales & services concept is second to none and provides the flexibility and security requested by our customers.

Range of services covering:

  • Overhaul in-house
  • Overhaul on-site
  • Testing
  • Genuine spare parts
  • Overhaul kits
  • New upper valve (C-kit) with Pres-Vac FAT certificate for easy survey approval
  • Pres-Vac on-site training
  • A wide network of service centres
  • Pres-Vac Engineering A/S
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