• Technical support

Technical support

For the most productive long life and highest performance of your Pres-vac high-pressure valve, we recommend regular cleaning and grease. Through a complete and thorough technical support from crew, Pres-vac valves will maintain their high quality and well-known performance. 

Secure Valves type approval

Always remember to secure your Pres-vac valves by the use of original Pres-vac spare parts, to avoid validation of type approval and flow. Pres-vac provides genuine spare part kits with instruction for easy overhaul. Please contact aftersales@pres-vac.dk for inquiry. 

Service, on-site or in-house

With just one phone call or service request through our webpage, you can access our highly skilled service professionals. Our qualified service staff ensure timely and accurate resolutions are provided with professional on-site service and genuine parts. For any technical support, please contact aftersales@pres-vac.dk

The Gertsen & Olufsen aftersales & services concept is second to none and provides the flexibility and security requested by our customers.

A broad range of services covering:

  • Overhaul in-house
  • Overhaul on-site
  • Testing
  • Genuine spare parts
  • Overhaul kits
  • New upper valve (C-kit) with Pres-vac FAT certificate for easy survey approval
  • Gertsen & Olufsen on-site training
  • A network of service centres
  • Pres-Vac Engineering A/S
    Solvang 22
    3450 Allerød
    Phone: +45 48 17 40 55 
    Email: presvac@pres-vac.com